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Through the International Office of Clínica San Fernando S.A., we make our medical excellence available to foreign patients, so that preventive medical check-ups or any of the surgical procedures that we offer in our portfolio can be performed in the city of Cali-Colombia. 

Contact us to coordinate your personalized attention. Because for the International Office of Clínica San Fernando S.A., your well-being is our mission, regardless of the distance!


Clínica San Fernando SA has treated patients from various countries in Europe, South America, Central and North America. Now we are prepared to provide you with excellent service during your stay at the San Fernando Clinic and accompany you in your recovery process during the time you remain in the city of Cali.

Welcome to the International Office of the San Fernando Cali-Colombia Clinic

Get off the plane and walk over Colombian territory

cultural wealth, ancestral knowledge, friendly people, where we are all family and where it is a pleasure to dance Salsa.

Personalized support and total attention

Upon your arrival in the city of Cali (Sucursal del cielo), an official from the clinic will be waiting for you, to transfer you from the airport to the place of lodging and then go to carry out the necessary medical examinations.

If you come for preventive medical checkups, you can carry out very safe local tourism activities, before and after the procedure.

Tourism in the Sucursal del Cielo.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to go sightseeing while you carry out your preventive medical check-up, you will be able to enjoy a wide gastronomic offer and emblematic sites of the city. 

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Tourism and lodging – International Office

We not only offer you the best medical care, but also the opportunity to turn your health trip into an unforgettable tourism experience in Valle del Cauca prior to surgery. While we take care of you with dedication and professionalism, we will help you with the management of your accommodation so that you can enjoy an optimal and quality recovery.

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“We Valle del Cauca are creative people, we dream, we propose and we always go for more. In this region we work hard and as a team so that ideas grow, and diversity is one of the main strengths that is reflected in #companies. In #ValledelCauca we have everything and for everyone, we are going to learn and evolve together, we are going to go far. “We are a Valley that Dares!”

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